Eat Your Way To Health 

Nutritional Sessions to overcome disease, regain your energy & vitality 

Eat your way to health is a 12 week Program.  This is where you will re-create your relationship with food. Learn key fundamentals of nutrition, the building blocks, branch-chain amino acids, eating in balance, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, gut-mind health, probitoics, pre-biotics.  Foods which provide you with energy, foods which provide you will healing & repair of injuries etc. The focus becomes what you need for you in this present state of now. 

What to expect in terms of when the program will begin. Expect to have a consultation with Rosa which will go for an hour & half, an opportunity to brief about what has happened to you, your case history & what you have tried in the past, what you aim achieve & what your expectations are. You will then receive your "Eat your way to health" Program kit, the format is in journal style, you are asked key questions & you are expected to do key homework exercises to direct you in your progress. 

Immediately access your workbook/journal by emailing & lets book your consultation session in so we can get your started towards better eating & better health.

Sign up & register today. 

Achieve as a result of joining for this program

• Better Health
• Reduced pain & inflammation
• Increased Energy
• Feel good on the inside
• Happiness, feel happy 

• Reduced Stress
• Enhanced quality of life
• Better meal balance
• Nutrient dense living
• Lifestyle positive changes 


Invest $4500. Learn more on program memberships, 3 months, 6 months & yearly memberships.