After 15 years of struggling with back pain, I did one session with Rosa, and my body released in just one session! That moment was the first time I had felt some freedom from the continual, ongoing pain. Keep doing what you do! You have brought tears of happiness to my eyes. Can’t thank you enough
— Brenda, Australia

One of the best decisions I made last year was Personal Training Sessions with Rosa at Regain Energy
— Lauren, Australia
My posture did improve in just 10 weeks, thanks so much Rosa!” “You are always so encouraging and supportive
— William, Australia
Your knowledge, skill and experience really show!” “I’m sure that’s why I achieved so much in such a short time. I feel so much more flexible with doing Yoga & Pilates
— Naisha, Australia
I can’t believe how easy it all is once you know the inside secrets. Regain Energy taught me the Right way to train, eat and meditate. I have seen the results even after the first week! I would have never discovered any of this on my own - like everyone else; I always thought it was too difficult. Well, it isn’t. I’ve lost 13 kilos in just 4 weeks of training. Thank you Rosa!
— Fabien, Australia
10 kilo weight lost in just 4 weeks, Thanks heaps Rosa
— Ben, Australia
My Ballet Classes feel so much easier now, Thanks Rosa for your patience & for making my training fun
— Rebecca, Australia
My third pregnancy was so different to my first two, my body felt so good! I maintained upper body posture, felt strong, and had a really good birth, and a great recovery. Pilates is amazing! You are amazing! Thanks Rosa
— Adelaide, Australia

You work me hard, You challenge me, you never expect less than my best, thanks for all your support, couldn’t have done it without you!
— Jackson, Australia
I didn’t realise how tight I had become, Football training sessions are easier to get through now, I’m running without getting locked up in my back & legs. Thanks for all the stretching secrets
— Brendon, Australia
How much Fun do we have in your Pilates Mat Group Classes! A laugh a minute. I think the laughing takes the pain away! The results show! Thanks for my new body
— Pratika, Australia
We are still exercising at 74 and at 80 years young! We are so happy that we decided to train with you. We always look forward to our training sessions
— Lyn & Margaret, Australia
I love your teaching style
— Michelle, Australia